The Design Group, led by ARCHITECT, delivers a strategic platform of data and media products to enhance your business objectives.

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The Hanley Wood Design Group services the $622 billion non-residential building market. The ARCHITECT Media

Network is the industry resource for architecture firms engaged in an array of projects including office, retail, residential,

multifamily, healthcare, hotel, educational, industrial, and government.

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Executive Programs

Hanley Wood delivers the complete range of marketing, content and data services to help you get the most from your event investment and drive your most important marketing goals. Check out these upcoming events:


    October 23 – 25, 2019 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    ARCHITECT CONNECTIONS is designed to foster relationships between architects and building products manufacturers. Specifier–manufacturer interaction is the mission of ARCHITECT CONNECTIONS. In fact, the program is engineered to bring top manufacturers together with qualified specifying management for up to 12–20 pre-arranged meetings. These encounters will enable valuable discussions that position your company and its products as proactive solutions for important, targeted specifiers. And the rest of the time you will rub shoulders with all the attending specifiers at meals, receptions, and programs focused on new products, technologies, and other innovations in building design and construction.


  • HIVE
    December 4 – 5, 2019 | Austin, TX
    HIVE is the incubator for innovation and disruption. Immerse yourself with the best and brightest minds from an array of industries who are passionate about design, strategy, and profitability to stimulate new ideas and shape the future of how people live, work and play.